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Punk, New Wave, Classic Rock, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Soundtracks? Maybe looking for Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Psych¬† and Progressive Rock? Need that special hard to find Compilation, Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra classic retro lounge sound? 8 Track Paradise has this and stacks more! The forgotten format, the infinite loop, the warm analog sound… and the heaps of broken tapes and unglued splices. Welcome to 8 Track PARADISE. All 8 track tapes on this site link directly to our online ebay store and are available to purchase. All 8 track tapes available at 8 Track paradise have been fully play tested and when needed had pads and foil splices replaced. It’s vital that each tape bought leaves playing and sounding great!¬† If it doesn’t sound good it wont be found in our store.

Why 8 track tapes? We’re often asked this question and there is no one answer but many reasons. First they sound great right up there with vinyl. that is providing the tape and player are in good condition. They’re interactive. Pushing the channel changer and hearing the clunk sound always brings back or creates new memories. Don’t like a track playing and hit the program change button to transport you to a new part of the album. Do that a few more times and find just the song you want. We know folks have their reason for collecting 8 tracks and our goal is to be a reliable source to find good quality 8 track tapes. From punk to new wave to hard to find glam and hard rock titles our inventory is updated on a daily basis