8 Track Tape Comeback

8 Track Tapes are making a comeback but why? To many, the 8 track tape was just another music format but the 8 track is more than just another music format. 8 track tapes were the 1st portable music. That means you could take your music with you anywhere. So what is responsible for the 8 track tape comeback? Becuase music nowadays is disposable and is nothing more than a file on your computer or phone that you can’t touch. Just words on a screen. 8 track tapes like vinyl records physically exist meaning you can touch them.

8 Track Tape ComebackBut it goes much further than that. 8 Track tapes are totally genius yet so weird at the same time. What artist wants their song to fade out to the “Cla Clunk” sound from the player as it changes channels before fading back in? And since 8 track tapes play in a loop the randomness of changing channels only to be transported to another song within the album makes for interesting playback possibilities. Don’t like what song is playing? Hit the channel button, Don’t like that song, hit it again. It’s kinda like music roulette. Pretty much any original 8 track tape found today CAN NOT BE PLAYED AS IS. That’s because the original foam pads today have long disintegrated into dust and glue that held tape splices together has dried and cracked and lost its binding effect. If you do play the tape tracks will bleed, sounds get muffled, splices break and many time tape also will get eaten by the 8 track player. Nothing worse than getting ready to listen to that Pink Floyds Dark Side of The Moon 8 Track tape you just bought only to have it literally blow up in your player because the tape was not restored before playing.

One could simply put an 8 track cartridge in a player and get music played on a continuous loop for hours to enjoy. So why are these obscure music cartridges coming back? Becuase you can spend just a few bucks and obtain many albums to listen too. In fact, manty times people give away their 8 tracks just to free up space. Another reason 8 track tapes are coming back is that warm analog tape sound. They just sound better than the over-processed digital files of today. And of course, the hunt to discover and find some incredible albums. From Frank Sinatra to The Sex Pistols it’s there to hunt and find.


8 Track Tape Repairs