Joan Jett I Love Rock ‘N Roll 8 Track, Rock On 8 Track

Joan Jett The Blackhearts I Love Rock 'N Roll 8 Track 8 Track ParadiseJoan Jett The Blackhearts I Love Rock ‘N Roll 8 Track is the Female Friday Spotlight Album at 8 Track Paradise. I Love Rock ‘N Roll is the 2nd Solo Studio Album by Joan Jett post The Runaways. It’s the 1st to Feature her Backing Band, The Blackhearts. This is Joan Jett’s most commercially successful Album to date. It has sold over 10 Million Copies because of the success of that Title Track, “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”.

That Hit Lead Single? Did you know it was originally by The Arrows? Written by Alan Merrill for The Arrows, in 1975, it would go on to be a Huge Hit for Joan Jett. Joan first saw “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” performed on TV, in 1976, by The Arrows and was completely taken away. It was a staple of her Live Set List for 7 years before this Album was even recorded.

And, “Crimson and Clover”? Another Hit Single from the Album that is a Cover Song. The Song is originally by  Tommy James and the Shondells written in 1968. Joan’s quoted as saying that “People worried that I didn’t change the words in ‘Crimson and Clover’ to ‘him’ from ‘her’. It was only because that wouldn’t have rhymed.”

There are other Covers on this Album besides the Title Track and “Crimson and Clover”. They are, as follows:

  • “Bits and Pieces” originally by The Dave Clark Five
  • “You’re Too Possessive” originally by The Runaways
  • “Little Drummer Boy” (not available on all copies of the Album, but available on the 8 Track) originally by The Harry Simeone Chorale Joan Jett I Love Rock 'N Roll 8 Track Track List Buy at 8 Track Paradise

Having the opportunity to Listen on 8 Track is something you do not want to miss. Between the warmth, the Tape emits to the irreplaceable Analog Sound, I Love Rock ‘N Roll on 8 Track gifts the listener a sense that they are there, back in ’80-’81, in the Studio with Joan and her Blackhearts, hearing all that Tracks get laid down.

What about the Track List? As we know, it usually differs greatly with the Album on other formats Track List Order. The 1st 2 Tracks are the same, but then The Dave Clark Five Cover comes in at Song 3. From there on nothing is in the same order until “The Little Drummer Boy”. Though not available on all formats or Album printings (it was removed after the “holiday season” and replaced with the Track “Oh Woe Is Me), “The Little Drummer Boy” is the Last Track, just like on the 8 Track.

Joan Jett The Blackhearts I Love Rock ‘N Roll 8 Track

The unpredictably of the Track List on 8 Tracks is one of the many surprises that these rare items possess. Just like that 8 Track “Ca-Chunk” Sound, and the Fade in/Fade out of usually 1 Song (in this case, “Victim of Circumstance”), the differing Track List makes one prick up their ears and pay closer attention. Sometimes you will hear a Song that you missed in all those Vinyl and Digital plays of the Album. And sometimes, the 8 Track Track List will make more Sonic-Sense. In our opinion, “Bits and Pieces” sounds better as Track 3.

Joan Jett I Love Rock N’ Roll 8 Track is available to Buy at 8 Track Paradise. We also have lots of additional Must Hear Rock 8 Track Sounds.