Peter Gabriel 8 Track Tape Weekly Pick 8 Track Paradise

Peter Gabriel 8 Track Tape is this week’s 8 Track Paradise Pick. Released in 1980, the Self-Titled album is Gabriel’s 3rd solo effort since leaving Genesis. Although no official name was given, it has been universally nicknamed “Melting Face”. The cover art created by rock artist Hipgnosis has Gabriel’s face melting.

Peter Gabriel 8 Track Tape Melting Face

Peter Gabriel 8 Track Tape

“Melting Face” was an artistic breakthrough for Peter Gabriel. It includes hit singles “Games Without Frontiers”, an anti-war track, also “Biko”, an anti-apartheid song, is a hit for the singer. Ex-bandmate Phil Collins, who took over as the vocalist of Genesis after Gabriel left, plays drums on the album.

Why do we love this 8 Track so much? The easiest answer is because it sounds amazing. This is one of the best sounding¬†8 Tracks we have heard. “And Through the Wire” gave us eargasms, and “Intruder” was a play again song from first listen.

Peter Gabriel love on 8 Track

“Games Without Frontiers” reminds us why we love Peter Gabriel so much. Hearing him in this obsolete format is a rare treat, also it is full of surprises. You will hear layers and sounds that get lost in digital versions play from program-to-program. This 8 Track sounds even better than the vinyl we’ve spun.

Many notable musicians added to “Melting Face” including Phil Collins, Kate Bush, Robert Fripp, and the “Modfather” himself, Paul Weller.

And, “Biko” will blow you away. It plays like you are in the room with Gabriel and his band. Breathing new life into thee songs is what makes 8 Track collecting so worthwhile.

Peter Gabriel 8 Track Tape Rare New Wave Art Rock

Have a listen and hear for yourself! This is an analog delight that you do not want to miss.