Rare Police Outlandos D’Amour 8 Track Tape, New Wave Music

Police Outlandos D'Amour 8 Track Tape

The Police Outlandos D’Amour 8 Track Tape is one of those Rare New Wave finds that keeps 8 Track Fans hunting and collecting. The Comeback of 8-Track Tapes is turning Music Freaks into analog archaeologists in search of the best Stacks of 8 Tracks.

Outlandos d’Amour was released in November of 1979, by A&M Records. The Lead Single, “Roxanne”, helped take the Album to # 6 on the UK Album Chart, and # 23 on the US Album Chart. Since 1978, Outlandos d’Amour has been certified platinum by the RIAA for sales over 1 million units in the US. Hit Song, “Roxanne” was followed by 2 additional Hit Singles – “Can’t Stand Losing You”, and “So Lonely”.

Rolling Stone magazine ranked Outlandos d’Amour at # 38 of the “100 Best Debut Albums of All Time“.

With a budget of £1,500 borrowed from Stewart Copeland’s brother Miles, Outlandos D’Amour was recorded at Surrey Sound in an intermittent fashion over six months, with the band jumping in whenever the studio had free time or another band’s sessions were canceled. Miles Copeland had promised to pay Surrey Sound £2,000 upon completion of the recording but did not give them the full amount until much later.

He occasionally dropped into the studio during recordings and reacted to what he heard from the group with vehement derision. However, upon hearing “Roxanne” he had the opposite reaction and took the recording to A&M Records the following day, where he persuaded them to release it as a one-off single.

Police Outlandos D’Amour 8 Track Tape:

Part of the 8-Track Experience is uncovering the differences between the 8-Track track list, and other format’s song order.

Let’s take a closer look at Police Outlandos D’Amour 8 Track Tape…

Rare Police Outlandos D'Amour 8 Track Tape

  • program 1 = “Next to You”, “Roxanne” and “Be My Girl – Sally”
  • program 2 = “So Lonely” and “Hole in My Life”
  • program 3 = “Can’t Stand Losing You”, “Truth Hits Everybody” and “Born in the 50’s”
  • program 4 = “Peanuts” and “Masoko Tanga

This is definitely a rearranged Track List from the original LP Format (which is what all other formats are modeled after). Though all formats start with “Next to You”, everything changes from there, until the end is reached, and the formats are aligned again, with the closing Track, “Masoko Tanga”.

There is no fade in-fade out, split-song on this 8-Track, which is somewhat unusual. The “ca-chunk” sound of a program change is the only separation that occurs when playing Police Outlandos D’Amour 8-Track Tape; each and every song is heard in interrupted entirety.

Let’s have aPolice Outlandos D’Amour 8 Track Tape is available to buy, along with other Rare New Wave 8 Track Tapes from 8 Track Paradise.