Roxy Music Manifesto 8 Track Tape

Roxy Music Manifesto 8 Track Tape is this week’s 8 Track Paradise Pick. Featuring Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, and Paul Thompson. Released in 1979 by ATCO in the United States, it is the 6th studio album by the Art Rock New Wave band Roxy Music, also produced by the band.

Roxy Music Manifesto 8 Track Tape

Manifesto followed a 4-year recording hiatus. “Trash”, which is Track 2 on Program 1 on the 8 Track was the first single from the album. It did not chart well. The 2nd single, the disco number “Dance Away” hit the Top 3. It became one of Roxy Music’s biggest hits and was the 9th best-selling song in the UK in 1979. Single 3, “Angel Eyes”. The version on the 8 Track and vinyl is more power pop, and the single’s version style is electronic and disco. It became another hit, reaching # 5 in the UK, and becoming a night club DJ favorite

The album peaked at # 7 in the UK.

Roxy Music Manifesto Cover Art

The cover art features a variety of mannequins. Created by Bryan Ferry and fashion designer Antony Price. Wyndham Lewis’ magazine, Blast, inspired the title’s font. Fashion and art have always been synonymous with Roxy Music.

We love the style of the album, which sways between disco, art rock, new wave, power pop, and glam. This album sounds like 1979, with analog warmth and “from the recording studio” quality that digital music lacks. 8 Track is for music lovers, and we are lucky to breathe new life into the obsolete format.

Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music Manifesto

Bryan Ferry’s vocals are unmistakable. Ferry is one of the voices and songwriters of the 70’s. He wrote everything on Manifesto, sharing co-writer credits on only 4 tracks.

The band had an impeccable personal style, seen in their dress and cover artwork, as well as heard in the music itself. Roxy Music put the art in art rock, also inspiring 80’s new romantics like Duran Duran and new wave bands like Human League.

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Roxy Music Manifesto 8 Track List

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